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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursdays randomness...

Good evening everyone!

I was sitting at home wondering to myself "what should I post on our blog for Thursday's Random Post day"..... and I thought of something that I miss terribly. COUCH FORTS!!

When was the last time you built a couch fort? When I was younger we would take the cushions off the couch and loveseat and grab any and all blankets and sheets from the laundry room shelf, and create a fort that was as big as the entire basement! We had hallways, rooms, and everything else you could imagine a kid would want in a fort. We would even sneak upstairs to the pantry and grab snacks and run back down to the fort and stash crackers in our "kitchen". :)

I bring this up because it was my first experience with Architecture and I will always remember how much fun it was.

Have a wonderful night and please if you must... make at least one more couch fort in your adult lifetime. :)
Heather & Amanda
Innovative Interior Designs Ltd.

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