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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Moving Day!

Good Evening,
Tonight's post is about an iconic piece of architectural history that is getting ready to move.
The Beautiful Bachman Wilson House in Millstone New Jersey, created by Frank Lloyd Wright may be packing up to move to Italy.

The current owners are looking for a buyer to move the home to Fiesole, which is a town that Wright lived in just outside of Florence in 1910.

Bachman Wilson House

Have a great night!
Heather & Amanda

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Found Gem

Good Evening,

Tonight I wanted to share something we stumbled upon during our trip to Florida. When we arrived in Ft. Lauderdale Florida we drove to the beach to get a bite to eat before heading on our way and found this fabulous statue.

This is the Ft. Lauderdale fish statue that is located along the beach. The fish were sculpted and then fitted with thousands of recycled water bottles from the area. These fish have a wonderful texture and design during the day and when illuminated during the evening, they almost come alive.

Please take a moment to check them out yourself. :)
Fish Art

Have a wonderful night,
Heather & Amanda

Monday, February 25, 2013

Tip of the day: Add living art!

Good evening everyone!

Tonight's tip of the day is to add living art to your space.


This is a beautiful framed living art piece that you can make or buy yourself and add to any space for a zesty pop of color and fragrance.
Check out this link for more ideas that you too can make at home! :)
Have a wonderful night,
Heather & Amanda

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Solar Power!!

Hey Everyone,
Check out this Green Design!

Its a new Chevron Gas Station in Cerritos, CA built by Kevin Oreck. Its Modern design isn't only good looking but also Green. It is built out of solar panels and glass! The hidden solar panels provide over 75% of the electricity!

We need more Deign like this in the World!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Found Gem!

Good Evening everyone!

Tonight's found gem is a very creative piece of furniture made out of recycled coconut shells.
This little table has a beach and earthy feel and look to it. We love the material it was made from as well as its functionality. This would look great in a living room, sun porch or even reading nook.

Have you ever seen furniture made from recycled materials? If so, what was it and what was it made from?

Have a wonderful night,
Heather & Amanda

Monday, February 11, 2013

Tip of the Day!

Good Evening all!

Tonight's tip of the day is to be "color confident!"

I have had many people ask me about color selections for paint. It seems that everyone is a little terrified to commit to color.

Here at Innovative Interior Designs Ltd we say "Don't be afraid." Color can be your friend if used correctly.

Example: Bright green
If this color is used correctly it can be beautiful! Sometimes all you need is a pop of color for a certain room, then toss in a couple accents and pattern and BAM!, you have a fantastic room that people will love and admire.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by picking the correct color please give us a call!
Have a wonderful evening,
Heather & Amanda

Sunday, February 10, 2013

7 "Old Things" that we will always have in our homes.

Good Evening Everyone,

I just wanted to share these wonderful and timeless items that no matter what the age, we will almost always have in our homes. They bring a touch of class and old world charm to any space.
Please take a moment and see how many you have in your home.

1. Book Ends
2. Rotary phones
3. Rocking chairs
4. Metal candle sticks
5. Record player
6. Piano
7. Glass Decanters

Who knows, maybe one of these items will be the finishing touch on your incomplete space.

Have a wonderful night!
Heather & Amanda

Architecture in Antartica!

Hey everyone,
Check out this This amazing ground breaking Architecture!

It's the worlds first re-locatable research facility that opens up to the elements of Antarctica.

It's pushing the boundaries of design in a life critical environment. It creates a beacon for sustainable living in the Polar Regions while drawing attention to some of the most significant science conducted on our planet!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Can you guess this Famous Set?

Hey Everyone,
Tonight is Trivia Night!

Can you guess which Famous TV Set this?
Can you also guess what style of Interior Design is used?

If you can answer both of these questions with the correct answers
YOU will receive a coupon from Innovative Interior Designs Ltd.
for a 10% discount on a one hour Color Consultation!!

Heather & Amanda
Innovative Interior Designs Ltd.

Want a waterwall?

Hey everyone,

Have you ever wanted some kind of water feature in your home?
I know I would love to have a water wall!

Can you imagine having one that you can program to make shapes or designs and change anytime you want?
How awesome would it be to have a water show in your home!

Check this Amazing water show!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Do you need a NEW getaway space?

Tonight in industry news,

Check out these Amazing Kanga Room Systems!

These portable eco-friendly building kits are prefabricated auxiliary units are based out of Texas. They are great for an extra office, studio, living space, bedroom, home business or even a mother-in-law suite. They are designed for portability, and can be custom made to fit your existing home and can even be  outfitted with a bathroom, kitchenette, or multiple rooms!

Can you see yourself in a NEW getaway space?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our elegant found gem!

Hey Everyone,
Tonigt's blog is our found gem!

We found these beautiful chairs while shopping for one of our clients! These chairs would be great for a reading nook or for any living room. They will bring great texture and add an elegant look to any space!

Heather & Amanda
Innovative Interior Designs Ltd.

Lonely room Corner?

Hey everyone,

Design tip for the day!
Do you have any lonely corners in your home with no idea what to do with them?

Add a plant to any lonely corner in your home. It brings color and texture to any space.
... By adding plants to any living space big or small, add few or many. They are an inexpensive means of accessorizing any space and will clean household air and balance humidity!
No house should be without these wonderful greens!

Heather & Amanda
Innovative Interior Designs Ltd.
See More

25 coolest buildings of the year!

 Here is some awesome architecture.
 Tonight's blog is about design going in history!

check out the 25 coolest new building off the year!
5 of which are in the United States!!
All the new type of architecture and design is Amazing!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wow what a sweet idea!

Tonights blog is about a pretty neat design current event in Design news!

Foster & Partners have decided to print 3d structures on the moon to build a
lunar house for 4 people to live in! That's right... i said PRINT 3d structures.
Please take a minute to read this article, I'm sure you will find it very interesting.

Have a wonderful night,
Heather & Amanda

Friday, February 1, 2013

Trivia Friday!

Good evening everyone!

Tonight is Trivia Night! The first person to guess what decade and decor style the object in this photo is gets 10% off a color consultation! Good luck everyone. :)

Have a wonderful night!
Heather & Amanda
Innovative Interior Designs Ltd.